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  Kings and Rebels

Treason and the misuse of magic led to a cataclysm where the legendary realms of Levonais, Kêr Ys, Caer Gwaelod, and Vineta sank beneath the waves. But the magic stones that had shaped them were saved, and the descendants of the Sea Kings decided to keep the stones hidden, carrying on their line in secret.

After the Imperium of Roma fell, new peoples established their realms - the Gallicaine bent on conquest and rewaking the glory of Roma, the fierce Nortvegjan who rule the seas, and the warlike clans of Riata.

But now changes in the currents have enhanced the magic of the stones again, and they can no longer be kept secret. Already one stone has fallen into the wrong hands, and the smaller gems powered by the stones work their sorcerous power for whoever possesses such a treasure.

Among kings and rebels striving for power, a royal marshal turns traitor and flees into exile, the heir of a king sees his sovereign fall under the spell of a dark sorceress, a clan chief must navigate the intricacies of Riatan politics and his brother's schemes, and a necromancer princess trusts the dead more than the living.

The heirs of the stones must find a way to keep the stones safe - not only from a group of mages bound on finding the ancient artefacts, but also from themselves. Because when kingdoms are at stake, the stones' powerful magic could shake the very continent.
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