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Nano is going surprisingly well. I broke the 20K last night, and that's a lot more than I ever got before, with a few days still to go.

Maybe those lads helped gathering words.

Squirrels; a carving in the Mecklenbruch bog

In honour of a thread in the German forum about various typos that led to unexpected animals (in German, a mistyped end becomes a duck (Ende / Ente) and a robe can easily turn into a seal (Robbe) if you got clumsy fingers), I'll present my readers with some animals carved in wood. Though I'm writing in English - which doesn't mean I escape the typos, on they're not so funny.

An owl guiding the wanderer

There are several carvings in the Meissner Nature Park as well, like this cute owl. Close to the sculpture are signs for the various ways in the area. The third is from the Heldrastein Cliffs.

Family boar on their sunday outing

I've been asked if I would post a snippet from my Nano. Well, not right now, the stuff is too rough to share, but maybe when I've polished a suitable scene. I don't want the writing to take over this blog again, so I may post it elsewhere and only link to it. I'll think about it.

Cat sculpture on a rooftop, seen in Riga

For now, there is another five days to get some more words. Is anyone else busy writing, though maybe not doing Nano?
Gabrielle, I'm quite busy writing the note on the White Ship Disaster, but with my two naughty children and temporary lack of my always-on-the-road husband-musician I won't be ready for today :-( Still, I'm rather proud of myself, for I haven't missed a day of my writing for two months now :-)And that is what really matters. At least when I'm concerned. Good luck with your writing :-)
Love the squirrels! I have 2 'live' ones living in my garden at the moment.
Congrats on your NaNo output! That is awesome. :) I'm plugging away on Poem A Day and working on a second fantasy novel. Lots of rough stuff that screams for December editing.

I love the squirrel carvings...
Congratulations on NaNo! Those sculptures are great. I especially like the boar family.
Thanks everyone. The squirrels and the boars are my favourites, too.

Kasia, I'm looking forward to your essay.
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