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  Advent in Germany

With some winter wonderland to boot. Though I don't think it will last long; snow seldom does around here.

View from my balcony a few minutes ago

Inside, it's nice and warm, the candles are burning and I got some hot tea and ginger cake. The writing still goes reasonably well though not at Nano speed. And of course, there are plotholes you can drive a truck through which I now have to fill in.

Christmas decoration from the Ore Mountains

The balcony is snowed in, too, but there is not enough to make a miniature snowman. Well, the winter isn't over yet and maybe we will get some more snow. With that backdrop I should write winter scenes, but no, right now I have a character fleeing through the Syrian desert; those damn Romans got around too much. ;-)

Snow on the winter plants on my balcony

I put up some decoration in the sleeping room as well. I know I blogged about these things before, but they are pretty every year and I got some new readers. Like Kasia, and Annika, another War of the Roses and Other Medieaval Fun-afficionado whom I met during Nano and who started a blog in November. *waves hello*

Christmas decoration from Sweden

The flip side of this time is that the town is always crowded with people and grocery shopping is even less fun than the rest of the year.
Glad you are still moving forward with your NaNo story. You should have no problem backfilling those plotholes. So what's winter in the Syrian desert like??

I love seeing your decorations - especially since all I did this year was a wreath on the front door. I have to live vicariously. :)
Beautiful winter scenery!
Hi, Gabrielle! We've been too snowed in here, in Poland, but it's been also frosty, so I do hope the snow will survive till Christmas :-) Last year it came too early and was well gone before Christmas Eve. Huge disappointment, especially for the youngest members of my family.
The snow looks very pretty. Glad to hear your writing is still going well!

Mid-December and we haven't had any snow yet. But it will come.

Nice decorations.
Constance, it's not necessarily winter when my hero flees through the desert, but it's definitely dry, with hot days and cold nights.

Thanks, Anerje.

the snow here is gone again and not likely to return for Christmas. But that's not unusual, alas.

Thank you, Carla and Hank.
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